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Why such a newsletter?

I wrote the iOS Animations by Tutorials book. But I had so many awesome ideas that there just wasn't enough space in the book - and I want to share them with you via a newsletter. Further, while doing research for the book, I found that many people write about animations and would like to share the links to new and fresh posts with you.

iOS Animations by Tutorials

Setting Swift in Motion

The definitive book on iOS Animations on iOS with Apple's latest and greatest Swift language.

Hands on approach, 320+ pages with step by step tutorials, 14 projects with custom artwork.

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iOS Animations by Emails

A monthly newsletter

Currently trending animations, animations that didn't make it in the book, new animation experiments - all delivered once a month in your inbox.

Consider it the magazine after the book.

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Who is the author?

Hey, I'm Marin Todorov! I'm the author of this newsletter, the author of the iOS Animations by Tutorials book, and one of the founding members of the tutorial team.

I'm an independent iOS consultant and publisher, and also have background in web and desktop software development.

When I don't craft code I also enjoy blogging, writing books and speaking at conferences. I happily open source code.

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